Project Manager

Swift Horse Marketing is looking for a project manager to join our team. We focus exclusively on food blogs and are looking for a highly organized individual to help coordinate a growing team of content creators. The right individual has exceptional time management skills, a conversational writing style, working knowledge of SEO, and a deep understanding of how to cook various kinds of food. This is a steady, ongoing remote work opportunity with the potential to become a full-time position.

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About this Position


  • Highly organized and able to thrive in a fast-paced working environment
  • Proficiency with Asana and the latest version of WordPress.
  • Experience as a Content Writer, Copywriter, or similar role.
  • In-depth knowledge about cooking and baking. You should be at home in the kitchen and understand how to use cooking appliances like the air fryer, instant pot, and slow cooker.
  • Be able to communicate complex ideas in a conversational “neighbor next door” tone.
  • Understand basic principles of Search Engine Optimization, including user intent, keywords, meta information, and how to incorporate search queries into site optimizations using natural human speech patterns (i.e., without sounding like a robot).
  • Must be familiar with the food blog world: what a food blog is, what problems they solve and what draws readers to successful sites.
  • Understand what users are looking for in high-quality food blog content.
  • Experience using SEM Rush, KeySearch, Yoast SEO, WPRM, Tasty Recipes, and Slack is a plus.
  • Must be a forward-thinker willing to learn new skills. A growth mindset is essential. 
  • Must be extremely detail focused and with exceptional time management skills.

Must possess these core values:

  • Original Thinker & Problem Solver: We strive to think outside the box and look at every problem as an opportunity to evolve. You must be able to take a topic, review the competitive landscape and come up with suggestions for how to write something better than what others are doing. We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions.
  • Excellent Communicator: Because this is a remote role, the ability to respond to tasks and messages in a timely manner is critical. Proactively asking questions and seeking feedback is likewise essential.
  • Self-Motivated: You must be able to manage your time and meet deadlines without prompting.
  • Take Pride in Your Work: The answer to the question “Is this your best work?” should always be “Yes.”

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Help coordinate a team of photographers, writers, videographers, and recipe developers.
  • Review and edit blog posts from our newer writers.
  • Review videos and photos from our team and coordinate sending assets to clients.
  • Create social media images in Canva for a handful of food blogs.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Write conversational blog posts in a voice similar to that of a blogger we are creating content for. These posts must give readers the information they are looking for when learning about a recipe or food topic. 
  • Optimize the posts you write and also help the SEO team optimize posts written by our ghostwriting team. This includes uploading images, writing ADA-compliant ALT tags, recipe card optimizations, Yoast SEO, and Grow or Social Warfare optimizations. 

More Details:

  • We will provide training for the right candidate that meets the core requirements outlined above.
  • Position is a fully remote, Independent Contractor position with the potential to evolve for the right person.
  • Must be willing to sign an Independent Contractor agreement that includes a non-disclosure and non-compete for food blogs.


I represent an agency and would like to do this work. Can agencies apply?

We are looking for an individual who can join our team and grow with us. We do not outsource our work so unfortunately another agency would not be eligible for this position. 


Project Manager

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We are looking for an individual to join our team and do not outsource our work. Agencies are unfortunately not eligible for this position.


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