Photographer / Recipe Developer / Videographer

Swift Horse Marketing is looking for another visual content creator to join our team. The scope of this opportunity will depend upon the skill set you bring to the table. We have regular monthly needs for food photography, recipe development and videography. 

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About this Position

Please review our photography and videography portfolio for examples of the quality of work we provide to our clients.


  • Must be extremely detail-oriented and with exceptional time management skills.
  • Must be a team player willing to adapt based on feedback that is shared with you.
  • Food bloggers are welcome to apply.
  • Your photos should be as good as or better than the examples linked above in our portfolio.

For Photography:

  • Proven experience as a recipe photographer where you make the finished product from start to finish. Please do not submit photo samples of food that you did not make. 
  • Be able to mimic the photography style of the blogger you are developing content for.
  • Understand what users are looking for in high-quality food photos.

For Recipe Development:

  • Proven recipe development skills spanning a wide variety of kitchen appliances, cuisines, and dietary needs.

For Videography:

  • Ability to create beautiful videos that clearly show users how to make a recipe.

Must possess these core values:

  • Original Thinker & Problem Solver: We strive to think outside the box and look at every problem as an opportunity to evolve. You must be able to take a topic, review the competitive landscape and come up with suggestions for how to do something better than what others are doing. We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions.
  • Excellent Communicator: Because this is a remote role, the ability to respond to tasks and messages in a timely manner is critical. Proactively asking questions and seeking feedback is likewise essential.
  • Self-Motivated: You must be able to manage your time and meet deadlines without prompting.
  • Take Pride in Your Work: The answer to the question “Is this your best work?” should always be “Yes.”


  • For Photography:
    • Create original, exclusive photographs to accompany each recipe.
    • Each photo set must at least 15 include ingredient, process and finished product shots.
    • Photos should mimic the style of the blogger the recipe is being developed for.
  • For Recipe Development:
    • Create original, exclusive recipes based upon a topic that is given to you.
    • These recipes must include notes that will help users recreate the recipes at home.
  • For Videography:
    • Create original, beautiful videos with exceptional lighting.
    • Videos must clearly show users how to create a recipe step-by-step
    • Average video length is 1 minute.

More Details:

  • Position is a fully remote, Independent Contractor position with the potential to evolve for the right person.
  • Must be willing to sign an Independent Contractor agreement that includes a non-disclosure.


I represent an agency and would like to do this work. Can agencies apply?

We are looking for an individual who can join our team and grow with us. We do not outsource our work so unfortunately another agency would not be eligible for this position. 


Photographer and Recipe Developer

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We are looking for an individual to join our team and grow with us. We do not outsource our work so agencies would not be eligible for this position.


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