About Us

Swift Horse Marketing is a digital marketing agency for bloggers and small businesses. Based in Vermont, our talented team creates high-quality content and beautiful websites that perform. Our mission is to empower you and your brand to shine without burnout or compromises.

Our History

Building upon 24 years of experience, Ariela Pelaia founded Swift Horse Marketing in 2019. At SHM we see ourselves as more than just a digital marketing agency. It’s a place where passion, expertise and genuine engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Your success is our success.

About Ari

Ariela (Ari) brings an unparalleled blend of expertise gathered over two decades. Her career trajectory began with more than ten years of experience as a brand strategist and web designer, where she worked with clients to establish their online presence and attract the right audience. This was followed by a foray as a successful blogger, enriching her skills in content creation and audience engagement.

Ari then managed a digital marketing firm in New York for eight years, mastering branding, market research, digital strategy, copywriting, SEM and PPC advertising while leading a talented team of professionals.

This extensive and varied experience is the cornerstone of her ability to provide comprehensive and insightful strategies at Swift Horse Marketing.

The Inspiration

Throughout her career, Ari stayed connected to the blogging community, helping private clients enhance their websites and manage their blogging endeavors. This experience opened her eyes to the challenges faced by bloggers: the need to juggle exceptional photography, recipe creation, engaging writing, SEO, video production, and more. It was a lot of pressure and expectation for one person to carry.

Recognizing the immense time and effort required to manage these tasks, Ari saw a unique opportunity. She envisioned an agency that could lighten the load for bloggers and small businesses, offering them a partner to handle these complex aspects and give them back their freedom.

The clients Ari worked with privately before starting Swift Horse Marketing continued to work with us under the new banner. This has allowed us to maintain long-standing relationships, some spanning over 15 years, in addition to welcoming numerous new clients since 2019.

Today Swift Horse Marketing has grown into a diverse team of 21 specialists. Our family includes skilled graphic designers, web developers, photographers, videographers and ghostwriters, as well as SEM and PPC advertising experts. Together, we can create content that aligns with your brand, helping you reclaim your time and expand your digital influence.

Why Horses?

People often ask: Why horses?

The name Swift Horse Marketing was inspired by Ari’s love of horses. As a teen, she would fly across the fields on a black horse named Whiskey. He was a swift, loyal and powerful companion. They had many adventures together in the mountains, crossing rivers and exploring forests. Ari always packed a loaf of country bread, some cheese and two apples (one for her, and one for Whiskey) in her saddle pack. Afternoons enjoying a snack in a sunshine while Whiskey grazed nearby are some of her most cherished memories.

Today she continues to ride in Vermont. That’s a photo of her and one of the horses she’s ridden, Strider, you see here. When she had a chance to name her own company, of course, horses were her inspiration!

A woman smiling next to a grey horse.

What Clients Are Saying

Swift Horse Marketing listened to our needs, offered relevant options, then delivered a new website that far exceeded our expectations. They were true professionals throughout the entire process and all their work was completed on-time and on-budget. With Ari’s help, we were able to dramatically increase the functionality of our website. It’s so much easier to use, has many more features than before and is incredibly easy to maintain. Their knowledge and expertise have freed up so much of our valuable time, which has enabled us to focus on what we do best. Ari has also been essential in developing an overall SEO strategy and implementation for our business that has produced great results. I highly recommend all their services.

Jill Mills
Food Blogger, Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
A woman with her 3 sons and dog.