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At Swift Horse Marketing, we understand that the digital landscape can be overwhelming for bloggers and small businesses. That’s why our Digital Strategy services are tailored to demystify and harness the power of digital tools to grow your online presence. Our approach combines strategic foresight with practical tactics, ensuring that every action aligns with your long-term business goals.

Digital strategy incorporates all of our core services, making it easy for you to take back your time while also generating high-quality, meaningful content.

How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

The cornerstone of any successful digital strategy lies in a deep understanding of your audience. It’s not about doing everything; it’s about doing the right things for your specific audience.

A truly effective strategy zeroes in on reaching readers who resonate with your content and who eagerly return for more. At Swift Horse Marketing, we begin by pinpointing your ideal prospect and clearly articulating how your content serves them better than any competitor. From this essential insight, we develop a comprehensive strategy that effectively uses tactics such as ghostwriting and SEO to produce content that is engaging and profoundly useful for your readers. This targeted approach ensures your digital efforts are efficient, impactful, and aligned with the unique interests and needs of your audience.

Tactics Are the What. Strategy Is the Why.

Understanding the distinction between tactics and strategy is crucial for any successful campaign. Strategy is the master plan, the overarching vision that defines the direction and goals of your marketing efforts. It’s the ‘why’ behind every decision – why you choose to target a specific audience, why you prioritize certain goals, and why you plot a particular course of action.

Tactics, on the other hand, are the ‘what.’ In other words, tactics are the specific actions and tools you employ to bring your strategy to life. Tactics without a guiding strategy can lead to disjointed efforts that don’t align with your larger business objectives. Conversely, a strategy without tactics is like a roadmap without a vehicle – it shows the destination but offers no means to get there.

At Swift Horse Marketing, we seamlessly blend strategic vision with tactical execution:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is not just about keywords. In fact, we don't even offer SEO without Digital Strategy. In today's ultra-competitive world, SEO begins with understanding your reader and what they are searching for. Then, once they land on your website, you must quickly deliver the answer to their problem - and do a better job of it than your competitors. Our Digital Strategy + SEO services allow you to create laser-focused content that is both unique and helpful. We can create your content calendars for you, audit and update your existing posts, and even fix technical SEO issues such as failing core web vitals or poor pagespeed scores.
  • Ghostwriting: It's more than just words on a page. Effective ghostwriting captures your unique voice and shares helpful information in a way that deeply connects with your specific audience. Each of our ghostwriters works closely with an SEO specialist, and together this team will develop a deep understanding of your site and goals.
  • Photography: In 2024 the SERPs are focusing more heavily on recipe cards and featured images. That means you need mouthwatering photos in order to encourage clicks to your website. Stock photos and AI generated imagery does not cut it as Google can easily recognize both when evaluating your content for expertise. In fact, Google's John Mueller recently said: "If I noticed a recipe site were using AI-generated images, I’d assume all of the content is scraped spam and just go somewhere else.” Make no mistake, high-quality, unique imagery is a must in today's landscape.
  • Videography: 40% of Gen Z uses TikTok and Instagram as their search engine instead of Google. Younger audiences are drawn to visually rich forms of media, while older audiences still love engaging videos that show them how to make your recipe. If you are not incorporating video into your strategy, you are missing out on a large portion of your potential audience.
  • Website Design: Your website is the first impression you make and it needs make an impact, not only with your readers, but with Google. Our goal? To make it sleek, user-friendly, and unmistakably 'you.' Fast, efficient, and smooth, our websites give your visitors a seamless experience from the moment they click.

What Clients Are Saying

Swift Horse is a true expert in the field of design, digital marketing, and SEO. They are exceptionally insightful and were able to tell me exactly what I needed to change, add, and do to get my site to the next level. Since working with them my site has been flourishing!

Food Blogger @ Diethood

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