Writing engaging and useful content takes time – but it doesn’t have to take up your time. We’ll create fully researched, optimized, and original posts for you. Our ghostwriters work with our SEO team to create conversational copy that offers real value to your readers. 

Make Your Hours Matter

Researching and crafting truly impactful content is time-consuming, often requiring hours that you could be channeling into things that only you can do. But here’s the good news: content creation isn’t one of those things.

Our ghostwriting team can give you back the time you usually spend writing for your site, empowering you to maximize your productivity. Imagine a world where every blog post is expertly written for your specific audience, driving your rankings and engaging your readers more effectively than ever. This is the power of professional ghostwriting. We can transform your content strategy into a high-powered engine for growth, all while giving you back precious hours to focus on what you love doing.

Ghostwriting services blend the art of storytelling with the precision of SEO. Each of our ghostwriters is paired with a member of our SEO team, ensuring that your brand’s narrative is not only compelling but also optimized for maximum online impact. This unique collaboration allows us to create content that captivates your audience and enhances your digital presence, making sure your message not only resonates but also ranks. Let us help you tell your story in a way that connects and converts.

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How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Our service stands out from typical ghostwriting offerings. With our team, you enjoy a comprehensive package where every detail is handled for you. Forget the hassle of keyword research, competitive analysis, or even uploading content to WordPress – we’ve got all of that covered. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless, worry-free experience, where your only task is to hit that publish button.

  1. Submit Your Content: Simply send us your recipes & photos, or links to posts that need an update. You can use a Dropbox folder we provide for easy uploading. If we’re developing recipes or taking photos for you, you won’t need to send anything — we’ve got it covered.
  2. SEO and Keyword Research: Our Digital Strategy team takes over once you submit your topic. They conduct thorough keyword and competitor research, then craft compelling headlines for your post.
  3. Writing Your Post: The topic, along with the researched keywords and headlines, is then handed over to your designated ghostwriter. They craft the body of your post, ensuring it aligns with the strategy laid out for the topic.
  4. Optimizing Your Post: Once written, your post is loaded into WordPress. We will fully optimize the post including: Yoast, Hubbub (formerly Grow) or Social Warfare, and your recipe card. We’ll also upload and optimize your images, including writing alt tags and social titles/descriptions. Need a Pinterest image? We can create that as well.
  5. Final Review and Publishing: The finished post is set to ‘Pending’ in WordPress, signaling it’s ready for your review. You can add personal touches like specific links or story snippets, but generally, the post is ready to go live.

This streamlined process ensures that from start to finish, your content is expertly handled, optimized, and prepared for publication with minimal effort on your part.

What Clients Are Saying

Swift Horse has been amazing to work with over the last year. I have worked with them on Ghostwriting, and it has freed up so much time. All while increasing my Google traffic by almost 15%! I am able to create more content in less time, and it has been a game changer for my business.

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Frequenly Asked Questions

Do you only write new posts? Or can I also update older posts with ghostwriting?

We cater to both new content creation and the revamping of older posts. If you’re looking to boost your content strategy with fresh posts, we’re here to write them for you from scratch – we can even handle recipe development and photography.

On the other hand, if your focus is on refreshing and updating your existing content, our team is equipped to revise and enhance your older posts. We ensure they are not only updated to be more informative and engaging but also aligned with the latest best practices in content strategy.

What is the turnaround time?

We divide the number of posts you are doing per month by the number of weeks. So for example, with 12 posts per month you would receive 3 posts per week. 

Will I have the same writer for all my posts?

We understand the importance of maintaining consistency in your content’s voice and style. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the same writer handles all your posts. This allows them to thoroughly understand and emulate your unique style. For clients requiring a large volume of content, we may assign two dedicated writers to ensure consistent quality and style across all posts.

Do you use AI to write copy?

No. We never use AI when writing your post copy. We do, however, use Grammarly to spell check all of our work.

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